About Us

Did you just upload your brochure online and call it a website?

Does your website show off your designer’s skills, rather than your business?

Does your shop front convert more customers than your website?

If these questions worry you, you’re in the right place.

In the 21st century, your website isn’t your storefront online. It is your store. It’s not just where people get information about you, your services and products, but literally the place where they make decisions and bring out their credit card. Is your website doing that job?

It’s no longer a good idea to save a few hundred dollars on setting up a cheap, off-the-shelf website. Or to assemble one yourself, like a failed D-I-Y project. If your website is ill-planned, shoddy-looking or hard to navigate, all the hundreds of bills with Dame Nellie Melba on them you go on to spend on digital marketing are, well, gone for a song.

KWC exists to help you make it better. At a fair price, we endeavour to build a website that works hard for you. We use the latest developments in design tech to ensure your site never has an old, dusty feel, and is always encouraging visitors to click on the ‘Buy’ button. But we do way more than that. We also help you draw in potential customers.

Websites by Karma Web Consulting - designed to convert visitors into customers


Now think of the Internet as an infinite street. However pretty your website is, how do you get people to find it? That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. This is a set of techniques that help Google’s searching algorithm rate your page as high quality and display it among the top results (ranking). The better your content is, the more relevant to what people are searching for, the higher your website will rank. But be warned: SEO is neither fast, nor cheap. However, in the long run, it is the best source of customers, so it is worth investing in.

SEO by Karma Web Consulting - results guaranteed, just not quick and dirty

But you don’t just want to wait for people to come to you when they’re searching for something. In a time when most people’s experience of the Internet is rarely more than Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, you want to be there, building up visibility, raking up testimonials, and building up a reputation. Again, it isn’t cheap, and it is not something where you make up your strategy on the go.

Social media by Karma Web Consulting - converting virtual love into vital business

Thought that was enough? We’re also in a time when the internet has become a thing… of mobile phones. There are more searches from a mobile screen today than a laptop, so if your page doesn’t load well, say goodbye to your business. And no, it’s not something you sort with a few fixes. You need to think like a millennial.

Mobile Marketing by Karma Web Cconsulting - making mobile work for you

Jignesh Sanghvi: 10 years of experience at your service


I’m no genius. I just believe that your website should be an asset to your business, perhaps its most important asset. That’s the vision with which I built Karma Web Solutions.

I bring to the table the education and experience of over ten years in the world of online marketing, five of them working for Melbourne IT, an ASX-listed company. I also hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce: which means I understand the business side of your business as well as the tech side.

I built KWC to help businesses in Australia and New Zealand get over their burns from past bad experiences. Karma Web Consulting has helped enterprises both large and small, public and private manage their online marketing, web hosting, web site building, search engine optimization and a lot more.

I believe in being your partner, in building trust, in helping you learn the digital marketing space and in helping you grow. I don’t take up quick-fix, easy money jobs that don’t do you a whit of good; I’m in for the real job of delivering growth.

My vision for Karma Web Consulting, my mission for you

The thing I believe in most, is growing together as a business. Here’s how I see it.

This sentence by the late Steve Jobs remains an inspiration to me: "To me marketing's about values".

The Internet is a noisy world, how do you get more than one chance to get people to remember you? You need to invest in it: even a great brand needs investment. My mission is not to win awards (though they are nice to have), but to ask

"What is it our customers want?"

"Where do we fit in their world?"

"How do we make ourselves relevant to them?"

I'm not in it to make sales for you and money for myself. I want to make Melbourne, if not Australia, if not the world a better place for small businesses: where you can deliver value to your customers, by making their lives easier, more comfortable, more worry-free. In turn, as your marketer, I must deliver value for you.

As Jobs said, "those people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that actually do". I understand that we need to keep pace as the world changes, but our core values shouldn't change: trust, transparency and education. By being transparent with you, by educating you on developments in digital marketing, I can deliver value that in turn delivers growth for you, and that is how I grow.