Want to try search advertising but too scared to try?

Did you just see your AdWords budget go up in smoke over high bids?

Did you sign up for Google AdWords with an agency that keeps you in the dark?

Do you feel you’re paying too much for each lead through AdWords?

While Google AdWords has been a help for small businesses everywhere to make the best of the internet, it has increasingly become a tough marketplace to compete in. Wouldn’t it be nice to have help in getting better returns on your Google AdWords investment?

Why AdWords

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising operates on the simple premise that if your ad shows up when your customers are searching for the products or services your business can deliver, they are highly likely to click on it and come to your website. Since its inception over a decade ago, the Google’s AdWords platform has become the most effective pay-per-click (PPC) advertising medium for small businesses, that don’t have the deep pockets of large corporations.

However, without constant management, your AdWords account could soon become a drain on your budget, leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. Two factors matter in making AdWords work really well for you in the long term:

-A well-designed start, with well thought out keywords, keyword groups and bids-Constant monitoring of your account’s performance, pausing inefficient keywords and optimising bids on the ones that work.

Two more factors can impact your AdWords results:

-Keyword Discovery: The obvious keywords are often oversubscribed by businesses, resulting in very high bids, if you want your ad to rank above the competition. However, discovering other keywords that have high search volumes and low competition can be a long-term boost to your business.-Regular monitoring: If your AdWords account is run by a professional, they will know how to send you regular (weekly or monthly) reports on the performance of your campaign. This will enable you to take calls on which campaigns are worth keeping, which need to be stopped, and what new avenues to explore. “Creativity and Agility” is the name of the game here.

Why AdWords

We’ve said it on our homepage and we’ll say it here again: our only specialisation is YOU. We shirk short-term solutions because we value your long-term earnings. We focus on building your PPC campaign from scratch, through a strongly personalised approach to your business.
Better ROI for any budget

At KWC, we endeavour to give you the best results at whatever budget you decide. We understand that you may be wary after having burnt your fingers on a mismanaged campaign. Our Google-Certified professionals will help you select the right keywords, bids and strategies to restart your campaign, and will constantly adjust it to deliver optimum results.

We can offer you both fixed-budget deals as well as percentage-based deals. We do not charge a percentage of your advertising spend like other agencies. We also offer a one-time AdWords Campaign Setup service.

We know our business

At Karma Web Consulting, all our pay-per-click professionals know the nitty-gritties of running an AdWords campaign. So, while the team focusses on maximising your return on your AdWords investment, you focus on running your business.

Optimising PPC for your business

Our six-step approach ensures your campaign gets a head start and a long- term, positive history that helps you keep bids low and the results coming in:

Website & Campaign Audit:

We give you a full review of your current website including Landing page effectiveness, responsiveness on mobile, and user experience. Our campaign review includes AdWords efficiency and keyword performance. For more, look up our Conversion Rate Optimisation services.

Keyword Research:

We help you find both obvious and not-so-obvious but relevant keywords.

Campaign Set Up:

This step determines your campaign’s performance. At KWC, we look at the complete buying process before designing the set-up.

Ad Copy Writing:

Your campaign gets the best of our writing techniques honed over many years of experience to craft intriguing ads that convert to leads.

Ongoing optimisation:

This step ensures reward performing campaigns (i.e. delivering higher click-through rates (CTRs)) and stops failing ones, leading to a good campaign history and low bid costs.

Conversion Tracking:

With Google Analytics, we ensure that there is a direct correspondence between clicks and final leads/sales.

Use our tested and proven services to create a Website that converts.