Design is more than just good-looking webpages, mind-blowing images, flashy animations and intriguing typography. It isn’t design if it doesn’t work for you, if it doesn’t do a good job of conveying information in a way that’s easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to act upon.

How do we do it?

You want the best returns on your website, we do too. We’d like to know what your main business is, who your customers are, what they look for when they come to your website. We then get down to work with you, figuring what will work, and what won’t. With 100% transparency, we build credibility & trust first, your website later.


The best don’t rest

For your website to work for you, it cannot be static. If you want things to stay the same (i.e. stay among the top-ranking websites), you need to change constantly: refresh content, refresh designs, add and subtract as you go along. At KWC, we believe in keeping up with the technology, and we educate you on new developments. We learn together and grow together.

Making it work for you:

Step-by-step, we sit with you to

-Understand the unique needs of your business-Audit your website: what’s working, what’s not working, what could work better-Help you improve your overall online branding-Discuss what else needs to be done to help your website convert

Beyond websites

The internet is full of millions of websites already, so how do you ensure people have a look at the compelling one we just made for you? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is something we recommend (we’re good at it), and also digital marketing. Call us for a chat any time.

What our clients think of us

I met and engaged with Jignesh since Aug 2014 and since then I have been engaged him for website development ,seo and online marketing. I have found his consistent efforts both productive and reassuring as we work towards the future.

He is prepared to research the industry which he had little knowledge to ensure that he come up to speed. With his new gained knowledge he was able to efficitently promote our business and our website.He was able to keep us on the first page on Google throughout the entire period.He also research avenues which would help us to ensure the survival of our business in the future.

Were i not retiring, I would be keeping Karma Web Consulting for my online marketing and webste design services.

- John Ellem
What our clients think of us

Karma Web Consulting is the only web marketing company in Australia in which I got the reliability for the best service I had ever had in the last 6 years. I don’t feel worried to promote my business marketing from the day I joined with Karma Web Consulting, because it does whatever needs to be done for the betterment of the business. The owner of Karma Web Consulting is very helpful. You can get him 24/7 with a feeling that he never gets disturbed. You will find in him a man of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

- Excellent Steam And Dry Cleaning
What our clients think of us

From the first moment Jignesh made contact with me to offer his services I was impressed by his polite, competent and knowledgeable approach to my website and marketing needs. Now, after working with him to improve my website presence for three businesses, I am even more impressed! He has not only delivered beyond expectation, but has been consistent and nurturing, offering guidance and marketing advice which has saved me from making mistakes and costing me money. Never before (and I have worked with half a dozen web designers) have I been so satisfied with the results and value for money Jignesh has provided. I highly recommend his services. 

- Love Your Pet
What our clients think of us

We have engaged and consulted with Karma Web regarding our new web I found their service to be excellent with attention to detail and great advice on getting the best from our site While at the same time providing reasonable costs for the professional service provided

- Les Skinner

Use our tested and proven services to create a Website that converts.