How to up Your Ranking on Youtube

How to up Your Ranking on Youtube

The world wide web is a pit of never-ending information. You can search for practically anything and you’re bound to find something that will answer in part if not the full question. With the kind of content people search for, the web has several ways of answering your queries.


One such medium or rather type of website is Youtube. A pioneer of its time, YouTube was the first to capitalize on users’ need to consume information by way of videos. What started off with music videos, soon went on to include, speeches, tutorials, news, popular events, etc. the list really is endless.


As of now, marketers have realized that Youtube also caters to a commendable amount of target audience, who can be marketed to.


The rise of vloggers and Youtube celebrities has only reinforced this fact. The question now arises –in a sea of information how do you stand out with your video content and rank high on SEO through your presence on Youtube.

What factors influence my Ranking on Youtube?

1. Keywords – That’s right, like every other search engine optimization strategy, keywords play an important role. However, the way you use the keywords differs when it comes to Youtube.


To start with, you will have to conduct a little experiment and see which keywords (pertaining to your brand) yield video results when you do a Google search. Incorporate those keywords as tags while uploading your video so that you don’t just latch onto users searching on Youtube but also those searching on Google.


Keywords also help create a network between your video and other users or videos with the same keywords, increasing your chances of showing up in the suggested videos or side bar.

2. Name of video, description and website link –Since Google and Youtube can’t actually watch and hear your video, they depend on the description written below it.


Ensure you correctly select the country you want to target and your description includes a link to your website so as to redirect traffic onto your website.


Keep in mind that your description explains the content of the video using the keywords. Based on the relevance of the description Google will fish out your video and showcase it in the top results.


Videos named with words like ‘how-to, reviews, tutorials, funny’ tend to rank higher.


Another tip to keep in mind is to use your keyword in the first half of the video name.


Using sub-titles and closed captions can give you the benefit of reaching out to audiences who don’t know the language or cannot hear.

3. High-definition videos, lengthy and old videos – Low quality videos are an immediate put off for users. And Youtube is very aware of this fact hence it marks out which videos are in HD and the ones that aren’t of great quality. Also the older your video is the lesser the chances of it showing up as both Google and Youtube believe in showcasing up-to-date content.


Contrary to what you might assume videos as long as an hour or more rank higher as users tend to prefer watching them, under the assumption that what they’re watching has all the answers they’re looking for.



4. User experience – Youtube is not a platform for passive consumption. The more interaction from users the better. And to get maximum interaction you need to ensure your content is original, unique, interesting and up-to-date. This way video retention percentage is higher.


Video retention refers to how much of the video the user actually watches. That’s not all! Getting users to share, like, comment, subscribe, save to watch later etc. are all features that Youtube deliberately has in place as a parameter to gauge just how much a user likes the video or channel.


5. Branding – Let’s set things straight, the reason you want to rank among the first results for Youtube is because you want a prominent brand presence on the internet. So if your channel isn’t branded well, no matter how hard you try you’re bound to get lost in the sea of competition.


Ensure your channel name and video names are all in tune with the general message you want to convey about your brand. Your description should accurately convey the purpose, credibility and content that you are showcasing.


Likewise your channel art needs to be pertinent and up-to-date as it also contributes to the understanding people get of your channel.


6. Sharing – What’s the point of doing everything you can and still not get enough views! At the end of the day, it really is the number of views that makes the difference.


You will need to create awareness of your channel and videos among your family and friend circle. You could use your social media profiles, email contacts to market your brand name and what you have to offer. This creates awareness for you.


What’s more because these people have a personal relationship with you they might actually visit your website, Youtube channel or video and contribute towards its ranking. Uploading your videos on blogs and Q&A sites helps tap into audiences that are absorbed in their search for content, and this works to your advantage to seed in organic views and interactions.

Is this important for me?

Yes! It goes without saying that gaining a high ranking on SEO requires you to have a high ranking on YouTube’s searches too. Think back to when you do a Google search; not only do you see pages of links that answer your query but you are also served up with a video or two addressing your question.


It works well to understand the need of having a higher ranking on Youtube. With the way things are going people may soon take to consuming content only or mostly through rich media, which really refers to videos.


Time is of essence when I say that mastering the art of having a high ranking on Youtube will be of increasing value to your brand for years to come.

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