How do you boost traffic on your website?

How do you increase your visibility online?

How do you boost your rankings on the Google search results page?

And how do you not get scammed?

The answer is easy, if you’re not in a hurry to see results. Let’s be honest: good SEO, with ethical and transparent processes is time-consuming, works by trial and error, and does not come cheap. If you’re still reading, you’ve come to the right place. At KWC, we don’t promise fast results or cut corners to do it.


A website is only half the job done. Finding an informative website is like finding water in the Gibson: there are a few oases among hundreds of flashy looking mirages that don’t deliver on their promises. Do you want to be an oasis or a mirage?

Therefore, a good website needs to be complemented by digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO ensures that the content of your website is relevant to what people are searching for, so that your page ranks at the top of the search results. That in turn ensures that you get the most visits and get a chance to convince a potential client why you’re their best choice. But remember, SEO is not easy.

Why is SEO so hard?

SEO requires persistence, because ethical SEO delivers results only over a few months, while requiring your SEO agency to work diligently and intelligently all the time.SEO demands accountability. Every action has its consequences on your ranking. If your SEO agency isn’t being transparent with you, you’re not getting the right service.Your SEO agency must always be reachable. It is not unknown for search engines to change their indexing algorithms suddenly, and your agency must be nimble enough to respond, and ready to answer your queries at any time.Qualified personnel, who know what’s going on, are hard to find. It’s easier to find those with half-baked knowledge who make convincing promises.Result-driven approaches work the best. That means hours of meticulous planning, taking no shortcuts, and thinking like a stakeholder.

why kwc?

To put it in one word: YOU. At KWC, your business needs are our only specialisation. That’s why, when you make an enquiry with us, we first try to understand the unique needs of your business. Once you tell us what your requirement is (Improve Traffic, Generate leads, or Improve Conversions) among others, we get down to preparing a roadmap for the next few months.

“Regular Follow-ups”, “Quick and easy to deal with”, “Easy to understand”, “Prompt Service”, “Transparent & Ethical” – these are just some of what our clients have had to say about us. Our approach to improve your online rankings includes:

Avoiding black hat SEO, staying ethical and following Google’s best practices guidelines, so that you’re never blacklistedKeeping you educated (about the best SEO practices) and informed (about developments in the SEO industry) so you know what we’re doing and can take the best decisionsStaying on the job. SEO rewards only those who are persistent, but in an intelligent way, responding to changes and being diligent about the job.

Our services are not for you if:

You don’t have a marketing budgetDon’t believe in teamworkWant to rank number 1 NOW

what can you expect?

Well, a few months down the year, if we don’t lose patience, we can imagine your phone ringing at all hours for business queries and leads not going cold. We’ve seen this in real life—we have had clients reporting back that they’ve needed to hire additional staff to handle the business coming in. Care to dream with KWC?

What our clients think of us

I met and engaged with Jignesh since Aug 2014 and since then I have been engaged him for website development ,seo and online marketing. I have found his consistent efforts both productive and reassuring as we work towards the future.

He is prepared to research the industry which he had little knowledge to ensure that he come up to speed. With his new gained knowledge he was able to efficitently promote our business and our website.He was able to keep us on the first page on Google throughout the entire period.He also research avenues which would help us to ensure the survival of our business in the future.

Were i not retiring, I would be keeping Karma Web Consulting for my online marketing and webste design services.

- John Ellem
What our clients think of us

Karma Web Consulting is the only web marketing company in Australia in which I got the reliability for the best service I had ever had in the last 6 years. I don’t feel worried to promote my business marketing from the day I joined with Karma Web Consulting, because it does whatever needs to be done for the betterment of the business. The owner of Karma Web Consulting is very helpful. You can get him 24/7 with a feeling that he never gets disturbed. You will find in him a man of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

- Excellent Steam And Dry Cleaning
What our clients think of us

From the first moment Jignesh made contact with me to offer his services I was impressed by his polite, competent and knowledgeable approach to my website and marketing needs. Now, after working with him to improve my website presence for three businesses, I am even more impressed! He has not only delivered beyond expectation, but has been consistent and nurturing, offering guidance and marketing advice which has saved me from making mistakes and costing me money. Never before (and I have worked with half a dozen web designers) have I been so satisfied with the results and value for money Jignesh has provided. I highly recommend his services. 

- Love Your Pet
What our clients think of us

We have engaged and consulted with Karma Web regarding our new web I found their service to be excellent with attention to detail and great advice on getting the best from our site While at the same time providing reasonable costs for the professional service provided

- Les Skinner

Use our tested and proven services to create a Website that converts.